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Maintain a Home Phone Landline
for Safety and Convenience

Home telephone service is not only a highly reliable and high quality means of communication (you can actually hear the person talking to you on the other line; a big improvement over many of the poor voice transmissions delivered by some of the leading wireless cell phone providers), but a home landline also adds to your at-home security.

Did you know that 911 operators easily pull up your home address when you call from a home phone? This means they can quickly dispatch help. That isn't something that's even possible on a cell phone. If you do have an emergency of some kind at home, the fact that 911 is better able to serve you when you call from a landline could potentially save someone's life!

Along with the very important safety feature, home phones are also especially convenient; your home phone plan will offer you low-cost long distance rates. For one low monthly fee you get unlimited local calling. Unlike your cell phone, with its limited number of pricey minutes and ridiculous overage fees if you do use more than your allotment of texts or calling minutes, there's no need to worry about running out of minutes on your home phone.

Any phone user that's ever had to deal with the poor voice quality, dropped calls, muted communication at the most inconvenient times and any other annoying side effects of today's cell phones can attest to the necessity of keeping a reliable home landline.

Not only does your home landline cost less, but it enhances your home security and adds convenience (plus it'll save you a lot of frustration as well).

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